Welcome to the Howard Group


The Howard group mathematically models biological systems at the cellular level. Our approach is to construct simple models that can nevertheless make surprising and counter-intuitive predictions to be tested experimentally. The group's approach is highly interdisciplinary, and relies heavily on techniques from statistical physics as well as on close collaboration with experimental groups both at the John Innes Centre and elsewhere. An emerging focus within the group is the use of analogue versus digital control in biology, a fundamental question with exciting applications to epigenetic dynamics, cellular resource allocation and cell size control.


Enquiries to join the group from interested postgraduate and postdoctoral scientists are always welcomed. Fellowship and PhD studentship positions can potentially be funded by the BBSRC, EU or John Innes Centre. Please contact Martin Howard (martin.howard 'at' jic.ac.uk).


Job openings! Two postdoc positions are currently available, one on modelling transcriptional dynamics and one on DNA methylation dynamics. Both projects are in close collaboration with experimental groups.